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  • sapnagroup (established 2000) is a company with clients in the UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, the US and New Zealand and a team of over 35 based in the UK, Germany and India. Our services include
  • conception, planning, project management
  • design: corporate identities, logos, web design, stationery
  • bespoke online software solutions: content management systems (CMS), online image libraries, web shops, databases, extranets, integration of external system like online payment and maps, integration of webservices
  • Flash development
  • SEO: search engine optimization and online marketing
  • seminars and in-house trainings
  • Linux server administration
  • business process outsourcing (BPO)

  • sapnagroup is run by its founder Jonny Hubner who has been building corporate web sites since 1997. With his vast experience he is responsible for the planning and management of our projects. Jonny makes sure personally that the very best service for all our clients is top priority. He is assisted by the senior management team: Nilesh Nayak (online software), Anurag Jain (online software and Linux server administration) and Shekhar Vaidya (BPO).

  • Since February 2006 all our projects are managed through our "sapnagroup Online Status" - a central system where all communication, files and other data for a project are saved and accessible over the internet for team and clients.

  • Our production and BPO teams are based in Goa, India. This guarantees high quality software and outsourcing solutions at affordable prices. Overheads reduced to a minimum throughout the whole company make sure that we can pass on this cost advantage to our customers.

  • Over the last years we have produced solutions for big corporations like Verbatim Europe, Costa Coffee and KFC but also for a lot of smaller clients. Have a look at our client list!

  • in our uk
    sales office
    c/o Orckid
    The Old Station
    Moor Lane
    Staines, TW18 4BB
    Tel 0845 020 4356
    Fax 0870 762 8737
  • 09 Jun to 20 Jun
  • 07 Jul to 18 Jul
  • 04 Aug to 15 Aug
  • 08 Sep to 19 Sep
  • 06 Oct to 17 Oct
  • in our german
    sales office
    Holzgartenstr. 3
    96050 Bamberg
    Tel 0951 9937474
    Fax 01212 511024274
  • 17 May to 08 Jun
  • 21 Jun to 06 Jul
  • 19 Jul to 03 Aug
  • 16 Aug to 07 Sep
  • in our indian
    production office
    c/o Sapnatech
    Flat No 6/7 II Floor Ajanta, near Campal Trade Centre,
    St-Inez, Panaji, Goa
    India 403001
    +44 845 0204356
    (UK local rates)
  • 01/05/2008:Europe sapnagroup team grows
  • After years of steep growth of our Indian team, the European team has also grown recently: Martin Schörner, a German project manager, joined full time at the beginning of the year, our web designer Elias Fecher also joined full time from May and from September Christopher Jakob will started his 3 year apprenticeship.
  • 28/04/2008:Giftlab web shop goes live
  • After having launch the BOC b2b web shop only recently we have now launched a proper b2c web shop. The design was done by our web designer Elias Fecher and the web shop has been created as a bespoke development with our own shop code.
  • 25/04/2008:Arkadin Brand Centre goes live
  • Using our online status report and an online image library has worked very well for our agency partner with their client Verbatim. We have now adjusted the system to also have these 2 tools for their new client Arkadin.
  • 14/04/2008:BOC Safety Products web shop goes live
  • We created this web shop for our agency partner Malice Design. They also did the printed catalogue for BOC. This solely b2b web shop offers over 1,000 safety products, client logins with different prices and an order form. BOC can update the products and prices in CSV files and then upload them to the website.
  • 07/04/2008:buddi geo-fencing goes live
  • We have successfully implemented a new feature for our client buddi: "geo fencing". On a Google Map the user can add dots and connect them to create an area. If the wearer of the buddi leaves this area an alarm will be given to the user via SMS.
  • 03/04/2008:Antiquitäten Heiss online marketing
  • After having redesigned the Heiss Aniques website a year ago we are now working with the client to market it. A newsletter module allows our client to easily send newsletters to clients and leads based on a branded email template. We have also upgraded the website to allow search engine optimisation and held a workshop on how to optimise the copy and meta tags for the relevant key phrases.
  • 31/03/2008:Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division website goes live
  • For this project we only built the CMS (Content Management System) for  our agency partner Threeview. The design was based on the Atlas Copco group guidelines and filled with life by our agency partner Threeview in Munich who created and maintain all the content for their client.
  • 20/03/2008:c4t projects completed
  • We completed 2 more small projects for our agency partner c4t: an email newsletter manager which allows them to produce newsletters for the HP brand Lightscribe based on a standard template and a static website for their client MCM.
  • 10/03/2008:Fish Brothers intranet goes live
  • Fish Brothers is one of our oldest clients. After having done 3 different websites for them they have now asked us to also do an intranet for them. It includes an employee forum, a download section, a calendar, items for sale, internal jobs and internal information.
  • 11/02/2008:New Vmail System goes live
  • We have redone Verbatim's existing mailing manager with new features and better integration with their website and image library. Our partner agency Orckid has also created new templates for exciting new mail shots.
  • 04/02/2008:Trip to Europe
  • Nilesh Nayak and Shiv Ajgaonkar from our Indian programming team will travel to the UK on Thurday, 7th of February. The main reason is a big project in Birmingham we are currently working on. They will present the latest status and discuss face to face with the client the next steps towards completion of phase 1 in April. Nilesh, the head of our programming team will also meet clients in London and later on in Germany.
  • 27/01/2008:Bamberg trip by London client
  • Justin Jeffries from our client Tinies / My Family Care left back to London after 4 days in Bamberg. On the agenda were meetings with our web designer Elias Fecher and our partner agency Kopfwerk who created the new corporate identity for My Family Care. Beside business meetings there was still time to do some sight seeing and sample German food and beer.
  • 21/01/2008:Dragonfly Jewellery website goes live
  • Today the Dragonfly Jewellery website went live. It has been designed by our designer Adam Hewett and is fitted with a CMS (Content Management System) which allows the client to update the product catalogue. As a next step we will add on online webshop with PayPal integration.
  • 07/01/2008:Angelusdoron website goes live
  • A small but first project for our new partner Thomas Petmecky (tpd visuelle kommunikation) has gone live today. The website is fitted with our CMS (Content Management System) to allow the client to change any content on the website without any technical knowledge.
  • 28/12/2007:New accommodation database for OM-CL goes live
  • The tourist board Oberes Maintal - Coburger Land has given the job for the new printed accommodation catalogue to our partner agency Kopfwerk in Bamberg. They created it based on the website accommodation database for which we created a XML export for this purpose. As the format had changed we also changed the web admin and front-end on the website.
  • 02/12/2007:Trip to Goa
  • Today Jonny Hubner arrives back in London after spending 10 days in our Goan production offices. Beside the day to day work there was time to catch up with senior staff on strategic issues. Highlight of the trip was the annual company party include some amazing karaoke performances by members of the sapnagroup team. All team members were awarded sapnagroup branded travel bags.
  • 20/11/2007:sapnagroup SEO team celebrates first birthday...
  • …and after this one year we can proudly announce that we are now doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for 12 websites and that the team has grown 6. Congratulations to Shekhar and his team! Keep the good the work up!
  • 06/11/2007:Website for the Queen's Club 3rd team goes live!
  • Ben Black from our client myfamilycare asked us if we could create an intranet for his tennis team to make it easier to plan squads for matches and exchange team gossip. Together with the team's captain Steve Raphael we got a fun and sophisticated system together in the last few months. Good luck for the new season!
  • 05/11/2007:MDA Awards website goes live!
  • A small project for our agency partner c4t – the MDA awards website. It features some static pages giving information about the award and a form which submissions are collected and made accessible to the client in web-based admin. The next step is to set up the main MDA website with the new design already used for this awards website.
  • 01/11/2007:My Family Care system goes live!
  • After our client My Family Care had bought BUPA Childcare our task was to rebuild their existing Access database as web application so it can be used by all the remote staff. The new system went live today with all the relevant data imported from the old system.
  • 12/10/2007:Koeba Mailing Manager
  • As an enhancement to the Königsbacher website we have added our Mailing Manager module. It allows the client to created branded newsletters, manage mailing lists and email out newsletters. This was another project for our partner agency MM&M in Koblenz, Germany.
  • 05/10/2007:Think Pink / blue2 website goes live!
  • Definitely one of our most favourite projects in the last few months! A good design from London agency Davies and Zieja, good input from the client and good products helped us too put this fantastic web shop together. It’s based fully on our own web shop code. All the best and good sales for Tim Hislop and his team! The next sapnagroup web shops are already in the making – so watch this space!
  • 05/10/2007:Katrin Product Sheets System
  • One of our biggest projects this summer! A system allowing Katrin to enter all their product details and images in multiple languages. Our system produces a password protected, multi-lingual website on which the user can select the language, the product categories and the download a PDF product sheet dynamically generated by our script for each product. A special function allows the administrator to create an offline version which can be burned on a CD. This was a project for our partner agency MM&M in Koblenz, Germany.
  • 17/09/2007:Verbatim video podcast
  • For Verbatim we have produced a video podcast about their stand at IFA 2007 for our partner agency Orckid in Staines. Working together with our partner German agency Kopfwerk we have filmed 2 days and then produced the podcast in English and German.
  • 15/09/2007:VDS website goes live!
  • This is our first project for our partner agency Michal & Spielhagen in Bamberg. The new website for the association of special needs teachers in Bavaria (VDS) doesn’t only give them a professional new look but also allows them to update all content themselves through our content management system (CMS). As special feature users can book events online and search the archive of their quarterly magazine and download articles. Payment authorization happens through a link to their members database.
  • 22/08/2007:More Empresaria reskins
  • Over the last months, we completed some more website reskins for companies of the Empresaria Group for our agency partner Locale. The Greycoat Acadamy website also includes an eCommerce module to buy training modules online.
  • Link
  • Link
  • Link
  • 10/08/2007:New Fish Brothers website goes live
  • Fish Brothers, a group of car dealerships, is one of our oldest clients. This is already the 3rd version of the website which we have done for Fish Brothers since 2000. The design and Flash is from Adam Hewett. We are very proud to say that this is one of our best web designs. The website is also powered by our CMS (Content Management System) which allows the Group Marketing Manager and the dealership principals to update all content of the website; each person having restricted rights to update only their part of the website.
  • Link
  • 07/08/2007:Nova website goes live
  • Nova manufactures dental instruments and is part of our client, The Whites Group. We have earlier done websites for their four subsidiary companies. The Nova website boasts of a product catalogue which the client can update through a CMS (Content Management System). The user can submit an estimate request for products by virtue of a shopping basket. The system is capable of having content in  multiple languages.
  • Link
  • Link
  • 06/08/2007:Main buddi product launched
  • After the launch of petbuddi, we have now added the main product – the buddi – to the website. Our online system allows buying the buddi and a contract. Using our web based system, the location of a particular buddi at any time is shown on a graphical map. It also gives an interface for the call centre and automatically passes on emergency messages from the buddi to the call centre. We also manage the servers and work on the search engine optimisation (SEO) for buddi.
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  • 31/07/2007:black+blum web shop goes live!
  • We have added a shopping basket to the existing black+blum Flash website. As payment gateway we implemented PayPal. The back office of the webshop is a bespoke development as because of the 2 warehouses and agents all around the world there were some unique requirements.
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  • 12/07/2007:Oberes Maintal - Coburger Land website goes live!
  • For this project for our agency partner Kopfwerk the Google Maps application and the accommodation search which also syncs with are the most interactive tools. The Google Maps application allows displaying accommodations, restaurants, sights and bicycle tours on Google Maps. The data in the online accommodation database will now also be used by Kopfwerk for the printed version of the accommodation directory.
  • Link
  • 12/07/2007:All Saint Sisters of the Poor website goes live!
  • A pretty unusual client for us - the All Saint Sister of the Poor, an Anglican oder in Oxford! Nevertheless we are happy to have created a website for them to communicate online what they are and what they believe in. Our CMS (Content Management System) allows them to update all content on their website.
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  • 05/07/2007:New Schrannehalle CMS goes live!
  • This is the first project for our new agency partner in Munich pro.jektBlau. The client wanted an open source CMS (Content Management System). Therefore we installed Typo3 rather than our own CMS system. We thank pro.jektBlau for the trust and hope to do more projects together in the future!
  • Link
  • 03/07/ goes live
  • After and, this is now the third product launched by our client Emercency Care Ltd. The website allows parents to find holiday clubs and book online.
  • Link
  • 28/06/2007:petbuddi website goes live
  • We are very proud to have taken live the petbuddi website. The product of our client is world's first GSM location finder for dogs. Our website allows customers to buy the product and look-ups, find their dog on the Internet, through their mobile phone or through a call centre. The website is integrated with an Esendex system which does the locating of the buddi, Protx for the online payment and multimap.
  • Link
  • 28/06/ wins the Daily Telegraph Trailblazer Business Challenge…
  • … and with it a cash prize of £50,000 as a "winning product or service that fits within the life assistance market". Beside the cash a lot of publicity will be assured! One more reason to make us proud today!
  • 21/06/2007:Definies website goes live
  • The Definiens website is our first major project with our new agency partner Threeview in Munich. Earlier this year we have already done the Definiens Newsletter CMS before now redoing the whole back-end of their website. The new CMS allows them to update their huge website without any technical knowledge. We have also added the "Definiens ID" which allows users to register and gain access to protected documents.
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  • 09/06/2007:Lightscribe market research
  • Together with the agency Michal & Spielhagen we planned and did a market research project for HP's brand Lightscribe. This project was done for our agency partner c4t.
  • 01/06/2007:Verbatim Europe website redesign goes live
  • To finish off the global Verbatim rebrand project our agency partner Orckid has redesigned the website. We are proud to have taken live the 4th version of this website in the 6 years Verbatim has been our client! The website is still fitted with our multi-lingual CMS which allows Verbatim to update the content of the whole site in currently 16 languages.
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  • 31/05/2007:High Line Yachting website goes live
  • After nearly 2 years we are very happy to have finally completed this small project! The High Line Yachting website has 2 templates and is fitted with a CMS which allows the client to keep content and offers up to date without any additional costs. The website has been designed and managed by Vicky Payne.
  • Link
  • 18/05/2007:Tinies Agency System
  • Over the last 12 months we have rebuilt the existing Window application for the Tinies agency system as online software. To make the transition easier the new system looks and works exactly as the old one. A few of the advantages of the online approach are: cost saving, easier central updates and fixes, central backups, direct connection with the Tinies website. At the moment Shiv Ajgaonkar from our programming office is visiting all the Tinies branches in the UK to import the data from the old into our new sytem.
  • 01/05/2007:Capitol Design Website goes live
  • Our new client is a property developer and interior designer for exclusive properties in Chelsea, Kensignton and Belgravia. The aspiration for the website was for it to reflect the quality of their properties. It was developed in Flash by our designer Adam Hewett with an alternative HTML version and a CMS (Content Management System) for the client to update the information which will reflect on the Flash and HTML version.
  • Link
  • 25/04/2007:Mansion House website goes live!
  • We have completed the website for another recruitment company within the Empresaria Group. This project was part of our work for the Empresaria Group companies through our agency partner Locale.
  • Link
  • 17/04/2007:PetPlan Trust website goes live
  • This is another project for our agency partner Locale. We did the design and CMS (Content Management System) which allows the client to edit all the content on the site.
  • Link
  • 16/04/2007:Sidiko website goes live
  • This is the first project for our new agency partner artfarm in Wiesbaden, Germany. To accommodate for the design provided by artfarm we had to do some modification to our CMS (Content Management System) – but both artfarm and Sidiko are happy with the outcome and that they will be able to change the content on all pages as well as create new pages.
  • Link
  • 02/04/2007:HEC website goes live
  • For our agency partner Locale we have created a website for another company within the Empresaria Group. We create the design and fitted our CMS (Content Management System) which allow the client editing all the content on the site.
  • Link
  • 28/03/2007:Peugeot Parts goes live
  • For our client since 2000, Fish Brothers Car Dealerships, we have developed this website which allows users to get quotes for Peugeot parts and to pay online after receiving the quote via email. There is also a merchandise and accessories online shop. For this project we have integrated the HSBC online payment. If successful our system allows to expand the concept for other makes.
  • Link
  • 27/03/2007:Barabara Wood website goes live
  • We sorted Barbara Wood, a psychologist, with a new corporate ID, flyer and website. A small project - but we all feel it looks great!
  • LInk
  • 23/03/2007:sapangroup takes over Verbatim web server
  • Verbatim Europe has entrusted us with the management of their web server. As all our dedicated servers we have set this one up with a mirror server and sophisticated backup and security systems.
  • Link
  • 20/03/2007:Tinies mailing manager goes live
  • The challenge with this project was to combine our mailing manager software with the Tinies Nannies & Parents database to allow all registered users to change their mailing list profile when logged into their account. The new system also allows sending out more targeted newsletters rather than only newsletters to the whole list as before.
  • Link
  • 15/03/2007:L&O website goes live
  • For our agency partner Malice Design we fitted the website for London & Oriental with a CMS (Content Management System). This allows the client to update the content in all sections of the website themselves.
  • Link
  • 28/02/2007:SMA redesign goes live!
  • For our agency partner Hugo Pickering we handled this as a pro bono project. The design was done by our designer Stefan Krusche and then fitted with the sapnagroup CMS (Content Management System).
  • 26/02/2007:Rosiwal website goes live again!
  • For our German chartered accountants we updated their existing website and moved it to their new webs server.
  • 19/02/2007:Booking calendar for Casterbridge
  • For our client Casterbridge we have added a booking calendar to their intranet which allows the nursery staff to check out available courses and submit bookings. Our software also automatically creates the certificates.
  • 19/02/2007:New Königsbachger home page
  • Our agency partner MM&M in Koblenz created a new look for the Königsbacher Brewery website which we implemented with our CMS (Content Management System). At the same time we also added a prize draw module.
  • 12/02/2007:WH Estates goes live!
  • Another company of Whites Group has been fitted by us with a website. It works with the Whites Group CMS (Content Management System) and has been kept in the same style as other Whites Group companies. This project was handled through our agency partner Orckid.
  • 08/02/2007:Verbatim Where to Buy goes live
  • We enhanced the existing Where to Buy section with Map24 so that users can now search for stores selling Verbatim products by typing in their postcode or address. There search results give distance to the stores in the area and shows them on the map. This has gone live with UK only but is set up to work for all European countries. This has been a project for our partner agency Orckid.
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  • 29/01/2007:ECC update
  • A lot has happened on as two of our programmers are working on this project on a full time basis. Besides numerous smaller changes and enhancements, the following three achievements deserve a special mention: IBM has now been integrated into the system which means that all UK IBM employees can book emergency nursery spaces and nannies with a company contribution. We have also taken live and our designer Adam Hewett has refreshed the design.
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  • 15/01/2007:LQ Community
  • For our agency partner Orckid, we added a "Community Area" to the Leaders' Quest website which allows participants, alumni and other people involved with quests, to post their profile and contact each other. It has been developed in Flash with all the data coming from our CMS.
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  • 04/01/2007:LUUP newsletter
  • Our first completed job for our agency partner Malice Design is an email newsletter template for LUUP. We hope for a fruitful and long term partnership!
  • 22/12/2006:FB Contracts goes live!
  • For one of our oldest clients, Fish Brothers in Swindon, we have created a website for their new car / van leasing business FB Contracts. The website contains a huge database of cars and vans which can be leased. The database can be updated by the client. The design was done by the sapnagroup designer Adam Hewett.
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  • 18/12/2006:Locale goes live
  • Locale is a project for our 2 agency partners Hugo Pickering and Guy Windsor-Lewis. It is an extranet for business parks and gives users local, regional and national information. We have set up the system in a way that allows the editor to add information on a local, regional and national level and depending on where the business park is based the relevant information is displayed. For this project we integrated a range of external information into the Locale portal.
  • 17/11/2006:Childcare Voucher integration for ECC.
  • For our client we integrated childcare vouchers as payment method for their services. Parents who book nursery spaces can now not only pay with their company’s contribution and credit card but also with Care4 and Sodesho Pass childcare vouchers. Payment happens instantly through web services to the childcare voucher providers and as far as we understand we are the first company who has done this.
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  • 10/11/2006:Casterbridge Nursery websites
  • Our CMS doesn't only allow Casterbridge to maintain the corporate website but also an unlimited number of websites for their nurseries. For each of them they can create an own header and footer. The nursery websites use generic content from the corporate website but the CMS also allows nursery managers to add content specifically for their nursery. Here are some samples:
  • Sample website
  • Another sample website
  • Another sample website
  • Another sample website
  • Another sample website
  • 10/11/2006:The reskin for McCall went live today.
  • McCall is part of the Empresaria Group which we service through our partner Hugo Pickering.
  • Link
  • 01/11/2006:sapnagroup brand finally goes live
  • Nearly one year after the idea was born to not only work as one entity but also to brand each other as one entity, "sapnagroup" goes live. It incorporates the European sales company e-i-s limited, the Indian production company Sapnatech and the UK designer Adam Hewett. "sapna" means "dream" and stands for the dream we had when we started 5 years ago with 3 people. Now the teams in the UK, Germany and India count over 20 people! And it stands for our dream to create an organisation in which everybody wins: clients, staff, partners and owners.
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  • 30/10/2006:Soo San website goes live
  • Marjan Zabiollah has done the design for Soo San - we have provided the CMS (Content Management System) which allows the client to update copy and products on the site.
  • Link
  • 25/09/2006:Empresaria website goes live!
  • This is a project we have done for our partner Hugo Pickering. The design has been done by our designer Adam Hewett. Beside our standard CMS (Content Management System) this website also includes integration of external content for investor information and an updatable Flash world map.
  • Link
  • 21/09/2006:Artists Web grows!
  • Another artist has joined the sapnagroup artist web: Kerstin Amend-Pohlig based in Coburg, Germany. She has done the design for the CY Magazine website and is currently working on a piece of art for our MD Jonny Hubner. Have a look at her work!
  • Link
  • 25/08/2006:AZUR Acquisitions website goes live!
  • Looking to buy a property in Provence? Then you are right at this new website we have taken live today. The design was provided by the client - we have turned it into an updatable website with our CMS (Content Management System).
  • Link
  • 17/08/2006:Lunz website goes live!
  • For Lunz we have re-designed their website and fitted it with a CMS (Content Management System) which allows the client to update all areas of their website including team, special offers, testimonials, partners.
  • Link
  • 11/08/2006:Neuwied websites go live!
  • For our partner agency MMM in Koblenz we fitted two temporary websites with our CMS (Content Management System): one for the shopping night and the other one for a model competition.
  • Link
  • Another link
  • 01/08/2006:Our first filming project
  • As movies become more and more popular on the web we teamed up with Pia Dahlem who is a movie producer. Today starts our first filming job: an interview with a BP director which will then be integrated into a Flash movie by our designer Adam Hewett.
  • 26/07/2006:Casterbridge website goes live!
  • For our new client Casterbridge - a nursery chain - we did the full package: creating logo, corporate identity, stationery, intranet and website. All design work has been done by our designer Adam Hewett. A special feature on the website is the interactive Flash map which was done by Pero Köhler. Next module to go live in August is a CMS (Content Management System) which allows Casterbridge to create websites for each of their nurseries based on a template.
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  • 20/07/2006:CY Club website goes live!
  • This is a website supporting the new kids magazine CY Club. Kids can read articles, register, take part in competitions and polls and collect star points. A sophisticated CMS (Content Management System) makes sure the online editor can update any part of the website without any technical knowledge. This is the first project with our partner agency WLP.
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  • 11/07/2006:Telos Partners redesign goes live!
  • This is already the 3rd version of the Telos Partners website we have done together with our partner agency Orckid since 2001. The new CMS (Content Management System) allows the client to extend their website to multiple languages.
  • Link
  • 04/07/2006:Verbatim Marketing Exchange goes live!
  • This provides the Verbatim Europe team with even more tools to manage their marketing efficiently. It includes an annual advertising overview, phorums and a translations management system. It was planned and developed together with our partner agency Orckid.
  • 21/06/2006:Empresaria Server
  • Our fourth dedicates server went live today making it a constant growth for our server team. All our dedicated servers are set up with a mirror servers and sophisticated backup systems.
  • 15/06/2006:Trip to the UK
  • Savita, one of senior programmers, flew back home to Goa today after a 10 day tour of our UK based clients. Beside the meetings there was also time for sight seeing and an afternoon of tennis at Queens. Thanks to Tinies and Orckid who co-sponsored this trip.
  • 11/06/2006: goes live!
  • If you are looking to buy a car we can only recommend checking out this website. It offers report helping you to save hundreds of pounds!
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  • 09/06/2006:Endeavour Ventures website goes live!
  • Beside the website we have built a sophisticated backend which allows EndVen to do most of their administrative work including a CRM system and a customer login where customers get all information about their investments.
  • 26/05/2006:Rent collector software goes live!
  • For one of our clients we have re-done an existing Windows software online. The front-end stayed exactly the same so that no re-training was required for the staff using it. A number of new functions were added and because it's online support & maintenance will be much easier than with an desktop software.
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