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Jonny Hubner
Jonny Hubner

Location: Bamberg, Germany

Jonny wears yellow glasses and is the first point of contact for clients.
E-mail: jonny@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: hubnerjonny@hotmail.com
Tel: +49 160 2603565

Nilesh Nayak

Nilesh Nayak

Location: Goa, India

Nilesh is a proud father of 2 kids and head of production.

E-mail: nilesh@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: nilesh_nayak_71@hotmail.com

Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain

Location: Goa, India

Loves beach parties and is the lead developer.

E-mail: anurag@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: anujain_goa@hotmail.com

Shivprasad Ajgaonkar

Shivprasad Ajgaonkar

Location: Goa, India

Shivprasad is a very passionate young man and junior programmer.

E-mail: shiv@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: sma_31@hotmail.com

Kedar Panandikar

Kedar Panandikar

Location: Goa, India
Kedar is a fun loving person and would like to blossom as a software engineer.

E-mail: kedar@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: kpanandikar@hotmail.com

Rohit Naik

Rohit Naik

Location: Goa, India
Rohit loves F1 and is a die hard tifosi. He is software engineer.

E-mail: rohit@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: smart1_in@hotmail.com

Ashley Fernandes

Ashley Fernandes

Location: Goa, India
A junior progammer. Ashley thinks the world of his dog.

E-mail: ashley@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: saurornithoides@hotmail.com

Martin Schoerner

Martin Schoerner

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Martin is the Flash wiz and always good for a joke.

E-mail: martin@e-i-s.com
MSN-IM: bestflash@hotmail.com
Tel: +49 711 12007464

Martin Lorber

Martin Lorber

Location: Bamberg, Germany

His Flash animations are legendary.

E-mail: malo@e-i-s.com

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Virtual Company

e-i-s Ltd. is basically a 'virtual company'. There is no office. All team members work from home - where ever they chose to live. We don't have any other overheads either. There are no secretaries, company cars & mobile phones or expensive telephone systems. There are not even salaries, our incomes comes from shares of the project budgets. This is why we can produce bespoke web software at affordable prices and the highest level of service that constantly exceed our clients' expectations.

Jonny will be in the UK: 27 Jan to 6 Feb; 7 to 12 Mar; 30 Mar to 6 Apr; 9 to 15 May; 29 May, 12 Jun; 3 to 9 Jul

e-i-s Ltd. is an English limited company with clients in the UK, Spain and Germany. It is run by its founder Jonny Hubner who has been building corporate web sites since 1997. With his great experience he is responsible of planning and managing all projects. Jonny makes sure personally that the very best service for all our clients is top priority.

e-i-s Ltd. believes that our clients need to be able to fully update their web site themselves - at any time, wherever they are and at no additional costs. Therefore we will always implement content management systems that can be used without any technical skills, even if the web site is multi-lingual. All our clients will confirm that they like this approach.

And finally - we are not 'virtual' for our clients. We will always make the way to see them at their offices wherever they are.


Mark Rodick "We set up our own web design and production company in 2001 to offer additional services to our clients. Individual projects were profitable but were diluted by extensive quiet periods and fixed overhead costs.
Now we outsource all our web development to e-i-s Ltd. The last 4 projects have all contributed profit to the parent company, and have been delivered on time at the agreed price. We regard e-i-s Ltd as an extension of our Design Agency - but without the overheads!"

Mark Rodick, MD Orckid Design & Marketing Ltd., March 2003
(Clients include: Verbatim-Europe, KFC)

Client List

Verbatim Europe, Egham, UK (www.verbatim-europe.com and www.live-it-verbatim.com)
World leader in premium quality storage and imaging products
Contact: Claire Palmer, Web Master

Club La Costa, Malaga, Spain (www.clublacosta.com)
One of Europes biggest timeshare companies with over 40,000 members
Contact: Tony Gutiérrez, Project Manager

Costa Coffee, Dunstable, UK (www.costapix.com)
One of the UK's biggest coffee chains, part of Whitbread. e-i-s Ltd. created their image library together with our partner Orckid.
Contact: Annette Binnion, Orckid Account Director

Spink Property, London, UK (www.spinkproperty.co.uk)
Property development company specialising in high quality refurbishment and new build projects within the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Contact: Mike Spink, Managing Director

Fish Brothers, Swindon, UK (www.fish-bros.co.uk)
Group of 13 car dealerships employing 400 staff
Contact: Mike Fish, Managing Director

Tinies Childcare, London, UK (www.tinies.com)
UK's leading chain of childcare agents for parents and child carers
Contact: Oliver Black, Managing Director

Orckid Design and Marketing, Staines, UK (www.orckid.com)
Design and Marketing Agency, producing creative solutions for some of the best known brands in the world
Contact: Nick Pritchard, Director

Lingo Translations, Málaga, Spain (www.lingotranslations.com)
Transaltion office with 100 clients; specialised in the European marketplace but with over 200 translators on their books and experience in over 30 languages
Contact: Charlotte Jones Sievers, MD

PN Associates, Plymouth, UK (www.pnassocs.com)
Small business consultancy which works for international blue chip companies. e-i-s Ltd. did not only develop their website but also their new corporate ID.
Contact: Jeremy Prichard, Director

telos partners, Windsor, UK (www.telospartners.com)
High-level, strategic consultancy, helping leaders and key executives in organisations to achieve long term sustainable success
Contact: Jane Brett, Web Master

Cains Brewery, Liverpool, UK (www.cainsbeers.com)
Liverpool brewery with award winning beers and ales
Contact: Ajmail Dusanj, Managing Director

Hopf Weissbier Brauerei, Miesbach, Germany (www.hopfweisse.de)
Brewery near Munich which was recently awarded the most prestigious of German brewing industry awards
Contact: Bianca Hopf, Director

AMRC, London, UK (www.amrc.org.uk)
Association of Medical Research Charities in the UK
Contact: Tina Chimombo, Office Manager

BFBI, Wolverhampton, UK (www.bfbi.org.uk)
Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association
Contact: Ruth Evans, Web Master

Drum Resources, London, UK (www.drumresources.com)
Integrated supervision service for all business sectors
Contact: Josephine Evans, Office Manager

Salesforce, Winchester, UK (www.salesforce.co.uk)
Sales and marketing consultancy
Contact: Phil Pratt

Costa Pix
Costa Image Library

  • One of the UK's biggest coffee chains, part of Whitbread
  • Authorised users are able to log into relevant areas of the directory gaining access to logos, images, photography, artwork, copy, style guides etc, approved for marketing purposes
  • The CMS (content management system) allows authorised members of staff access, to edit, update and maintain the directory as and when required
    Annette Binnion
    Account Director, Orckid
    Verbatim Europe
    Verbatim Europe

  • World leader in premium quality storage and imaging products
  • Web Site for the European subsidiary in 9 languages including Russian
  • Multi-lingual content management system updates any part of the site
    Kevin Jefcoate
    Marketing Director, Verbatim Europe
    Club La Costa
    Club La Costa

  • With over 40.000 members one of Europe's biggest timeshare companies
  • Dedicated members area where personal information and account balances can be retrieved
  • Multi-lingual content management system updates any part of the site

    "Developing a multi-lingual website for a dynamic company is never easy. The team at E-I-S did well to understand our needs and successfully built us a professional website. For us, keeping our clients informed about latest offers and new and exciting products is extremely important, which is why we opted for a CMS (Content Management System). This versatile administration system gives us the flexibility to update our pages in real time and with minimal effort, its great to know that in the future we can add new articles, news, product information, flash presentations; we are even able to add a whole new language thanks to the translation module. We can now look forward to developing our website further in-house."

    Tony Gutiérrez
    Project Manager, Club La Costa