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  • Continuity in the account management: All our clients have been dealing with the same account manager for over 2 years. Jonny Hubner is now a director and shareholder and will stay with the company.
  • Good quality for reasonable prices: We are certainly not the cheapest on the market but all our solutions are of high quality and build to work for years.
  • Highest level of service: We normally reply to all requests of our clients within a few hours – but always on the same working day. Also we offer all our clients a 24/7 emergency number.
  • Highest quality through experience: Jonny Hubner who will plan, manage and test each of our projects has worked as project / account manager ever since the early beginnings of the commercial Internet in 1997.
  • Complete service: Even though we don’t do most of our services ‘in house’ we have set up a large network of specialist for each area for web work: concepts, design, programming, e-business, online marketing.

We don’t expect you to believe all this just because we say so – but maybe you want to see what our clients think about us – or even ask them:

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"We chose Orbit because they combined highly credible web expertise with a genuine focus on our needs. They worked hard to understand our business and develop a relationship with us. This enabled them to adapt their approach, the resources they deployed and the solutions they presented as their understanding grew. The outcome was a web site endorsed by the whole business and welcomed by our key clients."

Will Wesson
Managing Director, telos partners
[willwesson@telospartners.com - +44 1753 833377]

"Whilst Tinies knew relatively little about the web we have found working with Orbit [now e-i-s Ltd.] a real eye opener and proof that some web design companies do have strategic brains and expertise behind them and not run by non commercial techies. Whilst not the cheapest option, value for money rates very highly. From an initial design to launch Orbit have provided excellent technical know how, commercial awareness and efficiency in delivery. If only all our suppliers could be the same. Orbit 24-7.com [now e-i-s Ltd.] have acted like commercial partners as opposed to service providers, which with the internet means a lot."

Oliver Black
Managing Director, Tinies Childcare UK Ltd.
[o.black@tinieschildcare.co.uk - +44 20 7384 0322]

"When Orbit24-7 [now e-i-s Ltd.] designed and built our web site, their levels of professionalism and customer service exceeded our expectations. The site has also exceeded our expectations and currently generates significant amounts of new business interest from worldwide sources. For us the days of expensive and unwieldy brochures are long gone. We are extremely pleased with the attention we receive from the team at Orbit24-7 [now e-i-s Ltd.] and will continue to work with them in the future.”

Tim Crow
Director, Consulting Division, Karen Earl Limited
[timc@karen-earl.co.uk - +44 20 7243 7110]

“After only a short time with the Orbit 24-7 team [now e-i-s Ltd.] we feel that we have had an excellent service and whats more, we are proud owners of a very good web site! Young enthusiastic but above all realistic with their aims and service second to none!"

Kevin Jefcoate
Marketing Director, Verbatim Europe
[kjefcoate@verbatim-europe.com - 01784 896 219]

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