We are a technical company and our focus is to bring your ideas, concepts and designs to life and to support them long term. For any creative services we can put you in touch with a partner from the Pimento agency network.

Web Applications

Customised online software using Mean Stack or React on a LAMP environment (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)

App development

Mobile websites, Android and iOS apps

Server admin

Rely on our server team and our strong backup infrastructure

Internet security

Checking your websites and apps for vulnerabilities to make them more secure

Digital marketing

Offering search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO, SEM, PPC)

Wix / Shopify

Professional low budget websites with and shops with


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  • We recently did a range of improvement for our e-commerce client Storath like newsletter, cross selling, vouchers, message about free shipping when you add x € more into the basket, abandoned cart email. Fingers crossed all this will help to increase online sales for the second half of the year.

    New projects
  • New videos added to sapna academy about Firebase - let us know if you are interested and we can give access --> Academy

  • Thank you Sanjay ????(and for all none Marathi speakers, the post means: "If in Covid times your company pays you on time, you're working with a good company with good management... so always be honest with them."

  • Our colleague Reshma got married to Nekil on the 14th of June. Due to Corona restrictions the number of guests were limited to 50 and only Pragati from our team could join. Congratulations to Reshma and Nekil from all of us!

  • Learnify is currently onboarding a big new client to their E-Learning platform which we helped to build in the last 4 years. Adding content and some new features and tweaks are required and we were really happy to receive this feedback from the MD Lez Davies today: “I have to say, the programming teams collaboration, commitment, accuracy and quality has been absolutely outstanding this past month!”

    New projects
  • We are finishing our WFH series. Thanks to everyone from the team who was happy to share how they work at home! Today we have re-opened the office and the first 6 team members started to come. Public transport still affected and WFH will continue for some time. Still it feels good to take another steps towards normality!

  • Day 53 of WFH: Prajyot - happy Monday!

  • Day 52 of WFH: Anil from our front-end team - have a good weekend!

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We have tried to keep the blurb to a minimum but within this short text, we would like to give you an idea of who we are. Get in touch with us. Let’s meet so that we can tell you our full story, and more importantly - listen to your story and your require

  • Anurag, Nilesh and Jonny (sitting from left) during Jonny’s first trip to Goa (2004)

    sapnagroup was established in April 2002 by Jonny Hubner, Nilesh Nayak and Anurag Jain and has over the years grown organically to a team size of currently around 60. In 2006, Shekhar Vaidya joined us to head our new SEO/SEM team. The company is still fully owned and run by the founders.

    Our core business is developing bespoke software solutions and offering long term support and ongoing development for our clients. We host and manage our client web applications on our own web servers. We ensure that every server has a high redundancy and comes with sophisticated backup solutions.

  • The team at our 15th anniversary party in Goa (2017)

    We strongly believe in sustainable business relationships which are win win situations for all people in the value chain. Our philosophy is that our clients should get professional service at a fair price, we should earn a fair return on our time and effort and in the process, our employees should get enriching work with a fair pay and good working conditions.

    This has helped us establish long term relationships with many of our clients, employees and suppliers. Along this professional journey, we have built friendships extending beyond the conventional professional relationship.

  • Nilesh visiting our client, My Family Care, during his UK trip (2016)

    We are proud that over the years, a range of our clients have come to meet the team in India and enjoyed the beauty of Goa and our hospitality. We also regularly send members of our team to the UK or Germany to meet clients face to face and to do some sightseeing in the new country. This not only improves our working with our clients but it also creates a lot of treasured lifetime memories. 

    Personal dedication by our entire team and the endeavour to go that extra mile to get things right, has ensured that we have a happy set of clients!

  • Code Interactive team visiting our office in Goa (2017)

    A lot of our work is done for agencies which use sapnagroup to power their designs and concepts. Unfortunately, we cannot show these projects on our website for confidentiality reasons, but we can tell you more about it. So please get in touch!

    We have all the systems in place to stay invisible to your clients or to act as part of your team and be in direct contact with your clients. Unlike freelancers, we offer long term support for the software that we develop for you. We have a team with a wide range of skills and competencies; we can scale up or downsize the team - working on your projects - at a short notice, depending on the workload. 

  • Some members of the team during an internal training session (2017)

    In 2017, we not only celebrated our 15th company anniversary, but made a host of improvements in our software development practices; we adopted practices followed by professional software development companies. We set up GIT versioning system for all our projects, developed an internal training schedule, improved our security practices and documentation even further besides investing in new hardware and software.

    For our biggest client, we formed a dedicated team of 15 developers who develop software using the agile methodology. For another client, we have been developing a complex new software product. We launched sapna security, a new business area wherein we did our first security penetration test for a client.

  • Jonny's daughter at the beach in Goa (2017)

    We hope that our slow but steady organic growth will continue over the years to come. With 2 offices in Goa's capital Panaji, we have enough physical space to expand and we constantly interview local talent to boost our team.

    Over the years we have grown with our clients and they have grown with us - not only in the amount of work we produce, but also in its quality. We now deal with the IT departments of some of the biggest companies in the world, on security issues, so that they can allow their staff to use the systems we have built for our clients.


Akshay Chopdekar

Aliston Gonsalves

Amaya Shetye

Ana Pereira

Anilkumar Shetty

Ankita Kittur

Anurag Jain

Bhakti Kalangutkar

Chaitali Sakhalikar

Clarissa D'Souza

Clelo Andrade

Fraddy Oliveira

Harish Govekar

Imtiaz Khan

Jerome Carrasco

John Rasquinha

Jonny Hübner

Karina Sauri

Kevin Pinto

Khushboo Raikar

Lars Müller

Lou Office Dog

Loveleen F Joao

Madura Sardesai

Manjunath Bhojappa

Matthias Schmidt

Mikhail Khajotia

Mohin Naik

Neha Dangui

Nila Nayak

Nilay Vaidya

Nilesh Nayak

Niraj Borkar

Nitin Dhavlikar

Pallavi Borkar

Pallavi Korgaonkar

Parshuram Panjal

Pooja Simepurushkar

Pragati Naik

Prajyot Mayekar

Prasad Gawas

Priya Parsekar

Priyanka B Bhende

Priyanka Naik

Punit Vaigankar

Ravina Govekar

Reshma Virdikar

Rohit Naik

Roshan Shetkar

Sagar Palyekar

Sairaj Harmalkar

Salvino D'sa

Sandesh Hegde

Sanjay Sawant

Sanket Naik Gaonkar

Shekhar Vaidya

Siddhant Naik

Sudhir Desai

Sunil Patil

Suraj P Raikar

Suraj Sakhardande

Suryanand Shirodkar

Sushma Bandache

Swati Suresh Desai

Sweta Baadkar

Tanvi Naik

Vinda Thanekar


In addition to our online training system, we hold regular live training sessions in our office. They are recorded and made available to the team for future reference. If you are interested, please let us know and we will give you access to our YouTube channel so that you can then view these training videos.

  • Firebase Part 1 - Exposure and Understanding Capabilities

    App development
  • Firebase Part 2 - Basics and DIY Messaging App

    App development
  • Basic SEO

  • Handling
    emergency changes

    LAMP development
  • Login and password

    Internet security
  • Introduction to
    Agile Methodology

    LAMP development
  • Cross platform app development using Ionic

    App development
  • Ionic

    App development
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Hi. I am Nilesh, one of the promoters of sapnagroup. I thought I would personally pen down a few lines about the company and what it holds in store for you, should you join it.

I would request you not to look at this company as a run of the mill, small time IT shop similar to numerous others located in Goa. A software company in Goa possibly gives the impression of a small time hardware/software unit doing Wordpress websites and small web applications for local industries. I think we need to get out of this stereotype. The Internet makes it possible to develop world-class software from anywhere on the globe. Before 2000, a US citizen would have viewed an IT company in India with the same stereotype; today he/she views an Indian as a czar of the IT world.

For a start, I have given up plum jobs at good companies (I have done my BTech in IIT Chennai, followed by an MBA from XLRI) in metros to come back to Goa and start this company. The idea was to develop skills in a very niche area. The focus has always been on international clients. Today 15 years down the line, I think we have made substantial progress towards our goal.

Our skillset in areas like PHP, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript and HTML are possibly as good as the best in this field. We have developed mobile apps for the best and we even audit client applications for vulnerabilities. Our server team today maintains more than 10 servers some of which are credit card compliant and host critical sites of our clients. Our strong base of customers comprises blue chip companies, award winning start ups, high end technology companies and many others. We develop software using Agile and use the latest tools like GIT versioning system, JIRA and Slack for our project management.

Above all, we've built a team of over 55 people here in India who ensure that clients across the globe are kept happy. Some of my colleagues possibly have such a good understanding of technology that they can put European programmers to shame. And mind you, all of them are like you, from Goa, from colleges like Xavier's, Dhempe, GEC, PCCE, etc. They believed that world class work could be done sitting in Goa and you needn't necessarily be based in Bangalore, Noida or Pune or even Silicon Valley.

To take this growth further, we require talented people who can take responsibility and challenge and deliver. We are working on the latest technologies and challenge will never be an issue. You will not be another face in the crowd (like typical big software companies); you will have enough and more responsibility to ensure that your performance stands out.

Ideally, we are looking for people with experience in PHP/MYSQL, Linux but someone who's worked on other web technologies like ASP, .NET, JSP etc. can also be considered. App developers with experience in iOS and Android are welcome and so also anyone who has worked on Internet security. Worst case scenario, if you don't have any experience with respect to the web but are still very much interested, please send in your resume, we will definitely have a look and get back to you.

If you would like to join this set of enterprising individuals, mail your resume to

Should you require any other information about the company or job, feel free to email us at and we will revert back to you.


Nilesh Nayak

Prasad Gawas

Project Leader


MES College, 2008

"The company has always provided me a chance to innovate and recognised my innovations. The kind of work done by us in web security, Google maps and mobile apps has been a great learning experience."

Prasad has been with the company for more than 10 years and has been involved in writing complex code for web applications and mobile apps. His key work in applications like MyFamilyCare ( and security audits for our websites have won him praise from the clients.

Madura Sardesai

Project Leader


Chowgule College 2005

"It feels great to be dealing directly with European designers and using contemporary HTML practices. In fact, some of our HTML effects put Flash to shame."

Madura joined the company straight after her college. During her stint here, she has not only mastered HTML but also managed to teach new HTML practices to designers and programmers here and in Europe.

Pallavi Borkar

Senior Programmer

BE in IT

PCCE 2006

"In the last 12 years here, I have been learning new things everyday right from Agile to fixing SQL injections. It has been a satisfying experience to put all my skills to work."

Pallavi joined the company pretty soon after her graduation. She has been a key programmer in projects like MFC (, Tinies ( and Nannyshare ( where she handled all programming including integration with payment gateways.


Over the years we have collected a range of tools which will help us both work more efficiently. Design Match Tool and Encrypted Transfer have been developed by our own team. Give them a try!


We believe that personal contact is the key to a successful and long term business relationship. Please get in touch with us so that we can meet you soon!

The Old Wheel House
31/37 Church Street
Reigate, RH2 0AD

See on map

Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
96050 Bamberg

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307 & 308 Kamat Grand,
Behind Caculo Mall,
St-Inez, Panaji,
Goa, India 403001

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